Starfish and Turtles

I don’t know about you, but when I hear something more than once in a short period of time, it grabs my attention. Recently, that something was the Starfish story. The medium was the League of Women Voters Luncheon, a surprisingly tasty repast of grilled salmon, au gratin potatoes, glazed carrots and a too-large hunk […]

Sea Turtle Lumbers from the Sea

Here’s what I love most about living on a skinny spit of land off the coast of central Florida between the deep, blue Atlantic Sea and the shimmery Banana River: the sea, no contest, the sea. Every day I get to bury my toes in the sand in all kinds of weather: come rain or […]

Bikini-Clad Blonde Hula Hoops on the Beach

Recently, I meet a woman on the beach who does two things that I never do: (1) wear a bikini, and (2) twirl a hula hoop. She is a rare sight, not the bikini part — but the hula hoop part. When I first stroll past her she is just another anonymous blonde woman, sitting […]

Spring Break 2017

An unseasonably brisk and windy day during Spring Break. Here I am and here are two young chickadees during the same walk. How can they not be cold? Gathering at Minuteman Causeway. I don’t see this every day. Or this But, sadly, this is not uncommon. Notice the distance between the trash cans and the trash (3rd pic […]