Waiting for Dorian

Tuesday, September 3, 7:46 a.m. Weird weather. Squally one minute, sunny the next. Gray sky, blue sky. The wind flings palm fronds down on the driveway. I slip into Jim’s office, plop on the bed and pull a couple of pillows under my neck. Even under normal circumstances, there’s only one chair in the room. […]

After Irma – Life in the Bucket House

Irma blew through four weeks ago. She shook things up, that’s for sure. We are all living in the aftermath. 7,000 homes and business were damaged in the county, including Ray and Sonya’s up the street. The owner has no insurance and will not be making repairs. They are homeless, in weirdly buoyant spirits about […]

Waiting for Irma

Sunday, September 10, 1:58 pm Rain batters our fragile roof, which has been leaking for the last three months, and is now covered with a thin, blue tarp as we wait for repairs. Too late now, the tarp is in tatters. Rain pounds against the windows. It sounds like bacon frying in a hot skillet […]