God Speed, Guacamole

I live in a cool place. Well, not temperature-wise cool, God knows, (as I write this in the early a.m., it’s already a steamy 83 degrees), but cool, meaning residing in one of the premier places in the country that blasts rockets into space. Have to say that watching a launch never, ever gets old. […]

Happy Birthday, Joan!

July 12, 1989, Jim celebrates his 40th birthday. I know him, but not well. We are both employees at The Washington Post, he a Tech guy on the 7th floor, and me a Personnel gal on the 4th. We are still a few years away from both showing up at the same Texas-themed party thrown […]

Don’t Mope

“Hi, I’m Sarah,” says the young blonde women at the Sea Turtle Preservation Society orientation.  I am early (like always) and the first one there.  “Where did you park?” she asks, as I sign in. “At the CVS,” I say, and I can feel her frown before I look up and see it. “Is that […]

One Baby Girl – $114.03 Please

On what promises to be another sticky, uncomfortable day in early May, a thirty-year-old woman goes into labor. She has a toddler at home so she knows what to expect this time around. She is relatively calm as her labor progresses and she and her husband drive to The Hospital for the Women of Maryland […]

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

It is 68 degrees. Not bad for a late January morning. Cayce agrees as he lounges outside on the top floor porch. This angle, while hardly his most flattering, sadly does accurately reflect his spreading chubbiness. This cat, however, cares not one whit about his “imperfect” body, but instead enjoys the moment for what it is […]

See You 2017 – A Very Good Year for Reading

2017 was a tough year. But through it all (hurricanes, a leaky house, sick cats, a mad king in the White House, etc.), there was one source of great and sustaining pleasure. Books! And I am so grateful to the authors who threw me a lifeline every, single evening. I lurched after it, grabbed on […]