Starfish and Turtles

I don’t know about you, but when I hear something more than once in a short period of time, it grabs my attention. Recently, that something was the Starfish story. The medium was the League of Women Voters Luncheon, a surprisingly tasty repast of grilled salmon, au gratin potatoes, glazed carrots and a too-large hunk […]

After Irma – Life in the Bucket House

Irma blew through four weeks ago. She shook things up, that’s for sure. We are all living in the aftermath. 7,000 homes and business were damaged in the county, including Ray and Sonya’s up the street. The owner has no insurance and will not be making repairs. They are homeless, in weirdly buoyant spirits about […]

Waiting for Irma

Sunday, September 10, 1:58 pm Rain batters our fragile roof, which has been leaking for the last three months, and is now covered with a thin, blue tarp as we wait for repairs. Too late now, the tarp is in tatters. Rain pounds against the windows. It sounds like bacon frying in a hot skillet […]

Sea Turtle Lumbers from the Sea

Here’s what I love most about living on a skinny spit of land off the coast of central Florida between the deep, blue Atlantic Sea and the shimmery Banana River: the sea, no contest, the sea. Every day I get to bury my toes in the sand in all kinds of weather: come rain or […]

Bikini-Clad Blonde Hula Hoops on the Beach

Recently, I meet a woman on the beach who does two things that I never do: (1) wear a bikini, and (2) twirl a hula hoop. She is a rare sight, not the bikini part — but the hula hoop part. When I first stroll past her she is just another anonymous blonde woman, sitting […]

Three Bras and a Bottle of Bombshell

Yesterday, I did something I don’t usually do. I shopped at Victoria’s Secret. I didn’t mean to. It just sort of happened. The “Plan” for the morning was to drive over the causeway to the library on Merritt Island about 25 minutes away to evaluate a new student for literacy services. After exploring a wide […]

The Kindness of a Stranger

Last week we had reservations on Amtrak train 69, part of the Empire Service, leaving Penn Station and ending in Montreal. Our stop was Albany-Rensselaer, which we would reach in a little under three hours after a scenic ride paralleling the Hudson River. But first we had to get there from our hotel, a plain brown, 25-story building bordering the dramatic gothic […]